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As News Ten Now’s Fitness expert, Kathy taught her clients how to lengthen, strengthen, extend and bend. A blend of Hatha yoga, Tai chi and athletic stretches to enhance strength, flexibility, posture while reducing stress.

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Clips from Kathy’s “Absolutely Abs” video

See the rest of “Absolutely Abs” on Kathy’s YouTube channel!


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Ted Long is a busy man, so creating the right workout plan for him was essential. I scheduled him to come to the gym five days per week just after his radio Co-hosting work at 93Q each day. Two days per week, Mondays and Fridays, we worked one on one for about 90 minutes. Our workouts followed my philosophy of continuous cross training, so they included weight training, circuit training, interval training, core work and more. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays he joined in on my group exercise classes. On Tuesdays he joined Body Blast, where we worked on muscle strength and endurance from head to toe, and focused the first portion of that workout on the core of the body.
On Wednesdays, Ted joined my Flex Fusion class, his favorite, which is a yoga-type class that focuses on flexibility, strength and balance. On Thursdays he came to my Core and Cardio X-train class. In that class, we first work the core of the body, often using stability balls, medicine balls and bosu’s, we then do an intense cardio workout class. Thursday’s class varies from step aerobics, cardio kickbox with jump ropes, to circuit or interval workout classes. Ted was especially good on the step and not too shabby with a jump rope either! He was a pleasure to work with and we loved having him around.


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